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Fasting Herbs

Organic intermittent & prolonged fasting supporting blends & tea that boost "autophagy" (cellular cleansing). Control hunger with our blends.

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Our Intermittent Fasting books to give you the knowledge you need to get started & how to use the herbal blends properly on your fasting & detoxing journey. 

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The Highest Quality Herbs To Support Fasting

These herbs were specifically chosen by Dan to help boost autophagy, cellular cleansing, renewal & regeneration.

Herbs To Support Fasting


Hey good morning!! I hope your soul is doing well  whenever you're at today. Just wanted to let you know that I've been  drinking your blend religiously and it's incredible. I love it in the afternoon when I've fasted for around 16-18 hours and as the last thing I drink at night. Thank you :) can't wait to fly to AZ! Literally like 3 weeks  

John Christian

Hey Dan I have tried the autophagy 15 and oh my gosh I feel great. It has been so much easier to fast and my gas and bloating is gone. I always hated fasting because of getting gas but now I am really loving how I feel. I also have plenty of energy to go about my day at school and work. I will definitely be ordering more next week!  


Definite boost in energy through the morning, and can push morning fast out a couple hours on fasting days. By far the biggest benefit has been in fasted exercise. I have never been able to exercise fasted (always workout in evenings) but can now easily,even lifting. Deadlifting fasted makes me feel like gorilla, man!   


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