Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - 
Do I Only Take this While I’m Fasting? 
No - You Can take it days even after the fast is broken for a Zen State, Pre Yoga, Pre Meditation. Although, it is best consumed on a daily intermittent fast. (During fasting window) or on prolonged fasts (during fasting window) to will work to get the body into a state to amplify the benefits of autophagy while fasting. 
Will Fasting Make Me Lose Weight?
Generally, Yes - Until the perfect homeostasis weight is achieved by your body. Daily Yoga and regimented weight training are important to maintain muscle mass.
Does this break my Fast?
No Not for autophagy. It promotes the benefits of intermittent fasting.
How Many calories does each serving have? 
Each Serving Has negligible Calories between 2-7 Calories in a 1/2 TBSP does.
Is this okay for pregnant women to take? 
Yes - Pregnant women do use Asczend Zen Blends during pregnancy, but it is best to consult with doctor.