guided breathwork audio soundtrack for morning meditations with hangpan music
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10 Guided Morning Breathwork Routines - Hangpan Audio Songs

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It is known as DMT Alkaline Breathing that promotes autophagy (cellular cleansing) while fasting. Dan's voice creates a breathing rhythm into his songs for listeners to breath along to. All songs are mixed, mastered and produced by Dan. Most are played by Dan using the B Kurd Double Ding Hangpan. Alkaline DMT breathing can be found at his Zenlife youtube channel


- 10 Songs with Guided Breathing totalling 57 minutes of breathwork. 

- Alkaline DMT Breathing

- Breath Of Fire

- Wim Hof Type Breathing


- Oxygenating The Body

- Increasing the PH of Body

- Mobilizing BodyFat Tissue


- Press play on any of the songs for a perfect morning breathwork session.

- Or play the whole tracklist during a cacao and breathwork ceremony.


3 Mins, 3 Rounds - African Drums

4 Mins, 3 Rounds - Hummingbird Hangpan

4 Mins, 3 Rounds - Tribal Rhythm

4 Mins, 3 Rounds - Sacred Valley

5 Mins, 3 Rounds - Cosmic Tropic

6 Mins, 3 Rounds - Jungle Edition

6 Mins, 4 Rounds - Fireside Hangpan

7 Mins, 3 Rounds - Fire Breath & Alkaline

8 Mins, 5 Rounds - Challenging Tempos

10 Mins, 3 Rounds - Good Morning