How Do Do A 72 Hour Autophagy Intermittent Fast Book Audiobook Guide For Download By Dan Vadnais
How Do Do A 72 Hour Autophagy Intermittent Fast Book Audiobook Guide For Download By Dan Vadnais

Fast Start (Audiobook) - How To Do A 72 Hour Autophagy Fast

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Included: 35 Minute Audio File

What is difference from a normal “Water Fast” vs. an “Autophagy Fast” is explained giving you the tools needed to supercharge your fast for cellular cleansing. In “Fast Start,” Dan Vadnais (Fasting Expert, Author & Speaker) will guide you through completing your first 72 hour “Autophagy Fast” in a safe, healthy, way. Topics covered in this book are The Benefits, How to Prepare, What to Get, How To Do The Fast, Breaking the Fast & Bonus Material & Tips.  Support groups and links are provided for more support to work with the author is online communities, retreats, events & more.



Physical - Cellular Cleansing (Autophagy), 1,300% - 2,000%+ Increases in Natural Growth Hormone, Regenerates Entire Immune System

Mental - Increases Alertness, Sustained Focus/Attention, Enhances Learning & Memory, Superhuman Clarity & Direction

Emotional - Exposes Emotional Blockages, Helps Stop Emotional Eating at the root of the cause, Allows you to help release old lingering emotions

Spiritual - Heightens Vibrations/aura, allows access to intuition, cultivates Mindful Discernment, Exposes Whats Not In Alignment

How To Prepare:

Schedule It in Your Life, Mindset, Why, Intention,

What To Get: Herbs, Tools, Music, Breath-work Playlist, Pure Water, Time Off Form Work, Time Before/After Work to be outside.

How To Do The Fast: What’s allowed on it: Coffees, Teas, Autophagy Herbs from Asczend, Herbs, Anything under 10-20 Cals w/ 2-3 Hours in between


- How to keep busy while fasting 

- Taking inventory of all the 5 senses that we are eating from 

- Strength + Resistance Training & HIIT


- How To Break The Fast 

How often to fast:

- Many Example scenarios given

- How Often To Fast

- Bonus Material & Tips

This is a full audiobook of the book available on kindle and paperback at Amazon